Happy 34th Birthday Kim Kardashian West! Here are some of her best looks from 2014. Which outfit is your favorite?

October 20th: Hailey Bladwin attendng Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation Angel Ball 2014 in NYC


Kanye and Chris at Teyana Taylor’s VII listening event 10/20/14


This is so beautiful.

Anonymous asked: "is there any way I could watch kuwtk on my phone?"

October 20th: Blake Lively attendng Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation Angel Ball 2014 in NYC

October 20th: Gigi Hadid attendng Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation Angel Ball 2014 in NYC

» Happy Birthday Kim!


Dear Kim,

It’s no secret we adore you over here at kimkanyekimye, we dedicate so much time to updating people on the beautiful and exciting life you lead with your talented husband. You’ve let us all into your life over the years and so we’ve witnessed you grow into this incredible, kind,…

Kimberly Noel Kardashian West, a loving wife & mother, iconic tv personality, talented business woman, accomplished designer and style icon. Happy 34th Birthday!